Introducing Wendellism!

Hello and welcome to Wendellism!

My inspiration to start writing (or more like attempting) a blog is mainly my interest in fashion. I want to challenge myself to see if I am able to provide my view on clothing and style. My interest started when I watched my first fashion show on YouTube (which by the way was Dior SS2010 and opened by my favourite supermodel Karlie Kloss!) and ever since I have been fascinated by it! While watching these shows I came to develop my own liking of specific styles and had my own opinions which I would sometimes share with friends – they would often suggest that I should start my own blog to put my thoughts out there.

This will be a learning curve for me as I don’t consider myself to be really knowledgeable about fashion compared to a lot of people out there, so it will be a ‘learn as I go’ kind of blog. I would like to be have a platform to provide my own perspective on clothing and style, what I like and what I don’t, and share it with the world. I also want to enhance my writing skills as I often struggle to express myself with words – hence I figured I could do that by writing about something that I am deeply interested in!

Finally, I want to say that I am unsure which direction this blog will ultimately take, so at the moment it’s a bit trial and error – who knows, maybe I will just end up writing about other things!

Well I want to keep it short and sweet. Fashion Week SS 2015 is coming up so stay tuned.

Wendellism x