Dusk in Skiathos


Had an amazing week in Skiathos, Greece, which I definitely recommend as a destination on account of its beautiful scenery, friendly people and amazing cuisine. For the first night I opted for a floral printed shirt in slinky fabric, with a pair of light washed skinny jeans and black plimsolls. It was my first time wearing a floral printed shirt- in particular one with bold Hawaiian flowers, as I normally go for more subtle prints. The key to wearing floral prints is to stick to one print and keep the rest of the outfit simple; that way you create a single focal point for your outfit. If you are unsure about floral prints which contain vibrant bright colours, then opt for something less radiant like the one featured, which is in a mute black and white. This shirt is a good choice for a casual formal style, perfect for a late summer evening.




What I wore:
Top: Asos Hawaiian Floral shirt.
Bottoms: Asos light wash skinny jeans.
Shoes: Asos Black leather look slip on plimsolls.
Glasses: Gokwan Glasses
Sunglasses: Rayban prescription Wayfarer sunglasses.

Thanks again for reading and please feel free to leave a comment!

wendellism x



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