Timeless at Officine Generale FW2015

I recently discovered a brand called Officine Generale. It was only founded in 2012 which makes it relatively new however the clothes weren’t anything that hasn’t been seen before. The FW2015 collection was, in fact incredibly classic and ageless wearable by all types of men and for all occasions. It was tailored and fitted featuring work and casual looks using tones of blue, green and grey. Essentially it’s what I believe a lot of men want – to be able to go to one brand and buy (if, financially able) the entire collection, as it incorporates all the fundamental pieces needed for a man’s wardrobe.

officine layers

source: style.com

The outfits play a lot with layers, which is essential in this unpredictable weather, layering a coat with a jacket underneath, or a jumper with a shirt combination. It shows the flexibility to add on or remove layers should there be a sudden change in weather, however not forgetting the consistency in colour and the effortless way of layering still making the outfit complete.

officeine monochrome

source: style.com

The collection featured monochromatic looks using muted colour pallets creating sleek and eye-catching outfits. This is a great way to dress if you want to play safe and still look sophisticated.

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wendellism x


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