New years new inspiration!

Happy belated new year! I have been busy spending time with my family while they’re back in Taiwan. Nevertheless, I haven’t stopped learning about fashion and I’ve been finding many interesting things. Recently, I came across this video on Youtube of the designer Diane Von Furstenburg giving a talk at the Parsons School of Design. In the video, Diane talks about how she became successful by designing and inventing the very famous DVF wrap dress. Her story of designing the wrap dress over 40 years ago and how she found success through it was very sincere and inspiring. Diane talks about the designing process, using knowledge from her internship at a printing mill, along with the skills of the people she’d met, to create the wrap dress. She states that when she was young, she didn’t know what career path to take, but knew that she wanted to be an independent woman –  I guess she was lucky being surrounded by the right people at the right time. Although sometimes it’s luck, but it’s how you take that aspect and turn it into something of your own to develop your own future. Fast forward to today, Diane runs a huge company under her own name, DVF, and is also the president of the CFDA.
I really enjoyed watching the interview because I found Diane to be very inspiring and is certainly a role model to a lot of aspiring people, whether it is to make their way into the fashion industry or anywhere else. In another interview of hers, she states that she has always followed her heart, and therefore she has never regretted anything, and quotes “The most important relationship in life is the relationship you have with yourself” – although somewhat clichéd, sometimes it’s hard to stay true to yourself and you may lose sight of your goals and dreams, perhaps due to life changes or in an attempt to adapt to your current surroundings and lifestyle. I have a habit of reflecting and reminding myself what I want to achieve in life, as it’s a way of staying focused and working towards your goals and aspirations.However, don’t forget to smile and be optimistic along the way.

P.s Happy birthday to myself 🙂

Till next time,

wendellism x


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