Beautiful and versatile at Methodology

Methodology Wears, a brand based in Hong Kong by the very talented designer Glori Tsui, focuses on creating clothing that is contemporary and sophisticated, and accessories which are timeless and versatile.


The clothes seen at the exhibition during Taipei in Style were fashionable and would be wearable by any kind of woman. The garments play a lot with contrast- combining hard and soft materials such as the mix of lambskin leather and wool- mixing strong and playful designs that create a juxtaposition of toughness and sophistication such as the Taja dress, where the sleeveless upper part combines lambskin and wool, producing a powerful appearance, whilst the lower part of the dress uses round origami folds creating a softer effect, therefore resulting in a dramatic shape wearable for any occasion.
The accessories were equally stunning. The designs focused on versatility- for example, necklaces that could also be deconstructed into bracelets, seen here, and visors which could also be worn on the chest area as chunky necklaces, seen here. My favourite piece was the salak necklace which can also be worn as a bracelet- it would sure bring an edge to any outfit- whether it is over a white shirt in the day time, or over a peplum dress in the evening to give it a sophisticated finish.

Please check out the pictures below!




methodology collage


methodology detail



To see more amazing pieces please check out their website

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