Powerful Jason Wu SS2015

Had a nice long weekend spending the Mid-Autumn festival with my family here in Taiwan which was really nice and relaxing. Let’s just say I ate a bit too much…. 😛

Another show that I really enjoyed for the SS2015 season was Jason Wu (go Taiwanese designers!). I’ve always watched and enjoyed his designs season after season – his clothes are forever wearable and accessible by all types of women, especially those who seek to express a strong look, and this season was no different. The clothes looked effortless yet emitted power – perfect for those days in the office when you just want to quickly throw some clothes on as you’ve overslept, yet still want to look like you mean business.

I particularly loved the use of colours in this season; the army green, navy and white created a collection that in my opinion represented a simplistic and powerful look, expressed through minimalist styles.

Jason Wu ss2015 colours

Source: Style.com

As you can see, the collection used a one colour tone throughout each look: all white, all green and all navy. In my opinion, this is acceptable as long as the colours are of a darker discrete tone and less ‘shiny’ (so that it isn’t so ‘in your face’). Therefore, avoid bright colours such as red, pink or neon. Finish the outfit with a killer statement office bag!

Sensuality was also a running theme throughout the collection but done so sophisticatedly, keeping the power theme consistent.

Jason wu ss2015 sensuality

Source: Style.com

These shirt wrap dresses were one of my favourites – the way it flows down the runway creates a sophisticated silhouette, the design of the long sleeve made the style fitting for office wear, while the cut up in the thigh area created a sexual appeal done tastefully.

Jason Wu SS2015 athletic

Source: Style.com

Furthermore, these outfits were also a great combination of power and sensuality, the tops hugs the upper body nicely paired with a skirt cut through the middle just revealing the thigh area created a strong statement- great for office wear without any sign of inappropriateness.

Again, let me know your thoughts!

Wendellism x



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